Greetings to you, you wonderful soul!

I'm glad you're here. I am Katrin Meie, a psychic counsellor and I love to paint angel pictures, soul and energy pictures.

I love being creative and that's how I discovered painting angel pictures. Pictures are not a matter of the mind, but of feeling and that is how all my works of art were created. Jesus already said, become like children. Children are open, they feel, observe and perceive and want to discover the world and so it is with my pictures.

Over the past few years, I have learnt that I am responsible for my own life by what I do. Because I am the only person in my life who takes my life into my own hands and can make a difference.

The world is changing and I am also confronted with my own issues, to look at them and transform them into love. Sometimes I don't like it either, but I quickly realised that the issue always comes back to me and I then transform it into love.

My desire was to get help, people who would support me on my path. And God sent me the people. I have learnt from the best. And even now, in the great transition to the 5th dimension, I have a wonderful mentor.