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4 magnificent meditation journeys that will change your life

In the first meditation journey you will meet Archangel Michael and you will be guided through the spiritual realm of God to the divine light. You will learn where you come from and where your origin is. And if you are stuck in a situation, you will gain clarity, purification and blessing.

In the second meditation journey, Archangel Ashrael will accompany you and will help you with problems and show you solutions so that you can make better decisions. It is a journey to yourself, to find yourself and to recognise who you are.

In the third meditation journey, you will be accompanied by Archangel Chamuel and Jesus Christ. Blockages in the heart chakra are dissolved so that you can come more into your self-love. You will be guided to the temple of truth and love.

In the fourth meditation journey you will be guided to the light of the angels, your perception will be strengthened, you can let go of old baggage and your contact with the angels will improve.

1. Archangel Michael - The journey to the divine light

2. Archangel Ashrael - The path to self-knowledge

3. Archangel Chamuel - The path of love

4. the light of the angels

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